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Want to directly pay? It's a breeze with the MyFinView app. Check out our quick guide to securely process your payments in just a few clicks.

Want to directly pay? It's a breeze with the MyFinView app. Check out our quick guide to securely process your payments in just a few clicks.

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Forgot your password? No worries! With myFinView, resetting your password is quick and straightforward. Follow our guide to get back on track.

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Need to reach out? Get in touch with your support team anytime, right from the app. Follow our guide to see the different channels available to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on how to use myFinView? We’ve answers. Checkout our FAQ's which is designed to make your life that little bit easier. Need extra support? Contact the company who is managing your case.

How can I pay some of the debt?

Ease your financial burden by making a partial payment towards your outstanding balance with myFinView. Simply log in, hit the 'Pay some of it' button, choose your preferred payment method and follow the instructions. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Where can I find my case owner number?

Your case owner number is a unique identifier provided by the agency that contacted you about your case. It's essentially your key to register and gain access to your case details on myFinView. Once registered, you can easily find your case owner number within the 'Case Details' section anytime.


This number is crucial as it ensures secure and personalised access to your case.


Get in touch with the agency who contacted you if you cannot locate your unique number.

I changed my phone, how can I get a new code?

To change your mobile number in myFinView, you need to contact your agency's support team. They'll reset your account's two-factor authentication. After this, when you next log into myFinView, you'll be prompted to enter a new mobile number. A new security code will be sent to your new number for verification, and then you're all set with your updated mobile number!

How can I change my email address?

Need to update the email linked to your myFinView account? It's as easy as a few taps! Simply navigate to the data page and update your email in 'Your case access information'. Remember, your new email will be the one you'll use to log into myFinView. Learn more about this process in our guide here.

How can I see the details of my case?

With myFinView, it's easy to keep tabs on your case. Log in to your account, select your case from the home page, and voila! You're instantly presented with all the details - from the status to the financial breakdown. And if you're ready to take action, options to pay or request a payment plan are right there too. Click the link for a step-by-step guide.

My access is blocked, how can I reactivate my account?

If your myFinView account is blocked, don't worry, simply reach out to the agency's support team. They will reactivate your account. For security reasons, you'll be asked to set a new password.

How can I get support?